Punjab Works Department (B & R)

1.2 - CRF

SNOName of CircleName of WorkLength(In Km)Administrative Approval Job No & DateAdministrative Approval Amount(In Lacs)Technical Sanction No & DateTechnical Sanction Amount(In Lacs)Tender Amount (In Lacs)Fund Received (In Lacs)Physical Progress Upto End of Previous MonthPhysical Progress During MonthPhysical Total ProgressFinancial Progress Upto End of Previous MonthFinancial Progress During MonthTotal ExpdDate of AllotmentDate of Completion As per Allotment / RevisedReason for DelayRemarks
1Construction Circle No. 2, JalandharWidg & Stg. of Balachaur to Bhaddi Nurpur Bedi road (CRF-2018-19) 17.70 2317.00 1214.001172.000.0090%8%98%1042.000.001042.002019-02-0403.10.2019 Work in progress. Prov./ Progress. (i) Widg. (18'-23') = 7.80 / 7.80 kms. (GSB+WMM Ist layers) (ii) Reconstn. = 0.850/0.850 (iii) DBM (50mm) = 17.42/17.42 km. (iv) B.C (30mm) = 17.42/17.42 (v) Constn. of R-wall = 95 /95 mtr. (vi) Constn. of Drain = 940m /850 mtr. (vii) Repair of Cause way=200/200 mtr. viii) widg. of cause way 80mtr work completed.
2Construction Circle No. 2, JalandharWidg./Stg. of Kapurthala- Subhanpur road(CRF - 2016-17) 11.40CRF-PB-2016-17-1591559.00 1571.001540.000.0095%095%1474.000.001474.002017-03-1731.01.2020PAUCITY OF FUNDSWork was delayed due to non availability of forest clearance after receiving forest clearance from competent authority, cutting of trees has been completed by forest department. Wdg/Stg/Reconstn. of road work completed for 11.40 kms.
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