Punjab Works Department (B & R)


Quality Control is an essential part of any production process and Highway /Building Constructions are no exception. Quality Control is an important requirement of highways/building construction for ensuring quality and for creating durable national assets. The need for quality control on these constructions has increased considerably in recent times due to significant increase in traffic intensities, and the level of service expected by the users. Improved level of service of the highways will result in considerable savings in vehicle operating costs and in favourable road user reaction and public opinion.

The Quality Control cell in PWD –B&R was established to check quality of roads and bridges under construction. The works are checked as per policies framed by the Govt. Consequent upon the checking the quality of the works has improved and loss to the State is also avoided in some checking’s by deducting the cost of short material used by the Agencies. The field officers are given training regarding quality assurance tests by way of seminars/Lectures, etc. Moreover SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) have been prepared in the form of computer application and circulated by quality control office are very useful for reference to the various specifications for execution of projects. This section elaborates and publishes the data collated by the field officers during the inspections which are conducted from time to time for different kinds of works initiated by the Department.