Punjab Works Department (B & R)

1.7 - 3054 ਨਾਨ ਪਲਾਨ

SNoCircle NameRoad/Bridge NameLength(In Km)Administrative No/DateAdministrative Amount(In Lacs)Technical Sanction No & DateTechnical Sanction Amount(In Lacs)Date of AllotmentTender Amount(In Lacs)Physical Progress Upto End of Previous MonthPhysical Progress During MonthPhysical Total ProgressFinancial Progress Upto End of Previous MonthFinancial Progress During MonthTotal Expd(In Lacs)Date of Completion As per Allotment/RevisedReason for DelayRemarks
1Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharBhogpur to Bullowal (Sugar Mill Road) RD00 to 5.20 Adampur5.20AA No. 30564 from FD as per ref. id no. 10/57/2019- 2EF4/156290/1 Dt 02.09.2019210.00-0.0007/01/2020196.4125%5%30% allotted on 07.01.2020. Bituminouns Work could not started in the winter season & lockdown. Revised Estimate Submitted to Chief Engineer (Central) Patiala for Technical Sanction vide S.E office No. 2333 dt 15.05.2020 for Rs 225.82 Lacs. Including Mainenance 15.87 Lacs Provision/Progress WBM= 4.84/4.00 Km DBM = 5.20/2.00 Km BC= 5.20/0.00 km
2Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharStrengthening of Kathar Town to Sant Baba Bhag Singh Technology Park5.32Secretary of Punjab Govt. PWD B&R Chandigarh Vide Treasury Office Letter No. 1591715/3 Dt. 07.10.2019250.00-0.0019/10/20190.000%00% -Provision/Progress BC= 5.32/0.00 Km Tender opened but tue to instruction of Punjab Govt. no tender of Head 3054 and 5054 should be allotted till further till further orders keeping in view the tender has been kept pending.
3Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharJalandhar Cantt. Khajurla road (JODR-25) including routin maintenance of 5 Years 3.69Secretary of Punjab Govt. B&R Chandigarh Vide T/O Letter no. 159171/3 Dt. 07.10.2019164.00-0.0015/06/202082.00100%0%100% Complete Provision/Progress STG=063/0.63 Km BC= 3.69/3.69 Km
4Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharUrban Estate Phase-II Jalandhar to jalandhar Nakodar road (JODR-28) including maintenance of road for 5 Years9.42Secretary of Punjab Govt. PWD B&R Chandigarh Vide T/O Letter No. 1591715/3 Dt. 07.10.2019306.00-0.0007/01/2020264.000%0%0%'ble MLA Jalandhar Cantt S. Pargat Singh has desired that this road may be wideinded from 5.50 Mtr. Vide road may not be taken till further decision. Accordingly estimate for widening of this road is being prepared and will be submitted shortly for approval. Provision/progress Stg. = 7.02/0.00 Km. BC. 7.02/0.00 Km.
5Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharJalandhar Pathankot Road to Dera Baba Sarwan Dass ji Ballan Along Canal to Manan to Naugaja to Kishangarh Kartarpur road6.53Memo No. 12/156/2019-5ES3/1547995/1 dt. Chd 13.08.20199.45T/S Vide SE No. 3022 Dt. 15.11.20199.4515/11/20198.92100%0%100% Completed
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